• XL Turf developed all their products to fulfill the highest standards in UV-stability and durability (according to DIN, EN-Norm).
  • It is XL Turf’s aim to have products that look and provide play characteristics as natural as possible.
  • The full product range contains much more fiber to substitute the infill material (sand/rubber) thus it provides a much more natural appearance.
  • The air-elastic shock pad made of expanded polypropylene gives no intense impact into the player’s joints like rubber granule.
  • DIN 18035-7, EN 15330-1 certification allow public subsidiaries for new construction or renovation.
  • Much lower maintenance and recycling costs compared to other types of artificial turf.
  • No unpleasant smell due to infill material.
  • Environmental friendly
  • Not harmful for the human body due to air-elastic shock pad.
  • By easy removal of snow and ice the surface can be used throughout the whole year.
Kunstrasen Eigenleistung 1By assisting in the installation of the shock pad by club members, the club can generate an in-house effort.