Our strengths - your advantages

  • Certification according to DIN 18035 part 7 permits public subsidies for new or conversion
  • The association can help with the installation under our guidance
  • Much less maintenance and disposal costs compared to other artificial grass products
  • No unpleasant smells through filling material
  • Articulated through the air-cushioned damping layer
  • By simply removing snow and ice, the artificial grass surface can be used throughout the year
  • No heavy metals were used for UV stability
  • The much-discussed risks of the granulate do not arise in our "un-filled artificial lawn"
  • XL Turf artificial grass does not need any filling material, therefore the running costs for the replacement of granules are eliminated
  • If, for example, the wear is visible in the door space, this area can simply be cut out and replaced
  • The loosening of the filling material as well as the regular depth cleaning are eliminated
  • No filling material next to the place such as well as in cabins, shoes and clothes
  • No filling material is swept away during floods. Easy suction.